Byrne Surveyors

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport

Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport is Australia’s newest privately funded public Airport, which has been developed and is operated by global construction company Wagners.

Along with the adjoining Wellcamp Business Park the area covers approximately 850 ha just 17 km west of Toowoomba’s CBD. It services a catchment area of over 344,000 people, which includes most of SW Queensland from Kingaroy to the North, South to Goondiwindi and Tenterfield, Ipswich to the East and West to Miles.

As the Project Surveyors, we have completed the setout work for the site including:

  • Terminal and carpark which included the services and all structural components,
  • Entry road including the kerbing
  • Setout and as-constructed of the runway
  • Setout for concrete paving machine of the aprons and turning node
  • Setout of services including stormwater, water, electricity (hi volt and low volt), communications and sewer
  • Setout of bulk earthworks and as-constructed of the Industrial Park

We also had to calculate the volumes of multiple stockpiles and undertake the cadastral surveying for the project.

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